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Why People Choose Us?

At Vishal Synthetics we constantly strive to innovate new products which should immediately cater the growing demand of the industry. Our R& D department is not only engaged in developing new products through new technology but also do extensive market research across the globe. We are currently ready with more than 400 applications of Non Woven Fabric ready for commercial launch which will cater the need of 46 industry types.

We believe that every challenge opens the door of opportunity. Thus, we always proactively introduce new concepts and accept any new demand of the industry with open arms and deliver the same.

We are continuously adding more machines and technology every year and because of the pace of delivery we are able to repeat 92% clients.Every product comes out of the production unit of Vishal Synthetics with a Brand Promise of 100% Quality else 100% Return* .

The core strength of Vishal Synthetics has always been:

  • Adaptability
  • Acceptability
  • Availability