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Shopping Bags and Packaging

Almost everyone has bought meat that is shrink-wrapped on a tray with a small white absorbent pad under the meat. That small pad is made with nonwoven fabric. Those reusable bags you bring with you to the grocery store (not the canvas ones) are Nonwoven fabric. Nonwovens offer many advantages like strength, durability and lightness to protect the materials you want to pack

Reusable bags have become extremely popular with consumers as part of the earth-friendly movement. And most of these bags are made from nonwovens. They are lightweight, sturdy and cut down on the number of plastic bags being used. Vishal Synthetics produce readymade bags as well as Fabrics that goes to manufacturer of various Customized Bag. Few are being listed here:

  • Beverage packing
  • Breathable bags
  • Canisters
  • Confectionary packaging
  • Envelopes/file folders
  • Flow wraps
  • Flower wrap
  • Food pads
  • Fruit liners
  • Hazmat transport aids
  • Individual packets
  • Industrial bags
  • Insulator materials
  • Meat packaging trays
  • Medical sterile packaging
  • Separator sheets
  • Tubs
  • Vegetable packaging trays