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Quality Assurances

At Vishal Synthetics we use 100% Virgin Polypropylene Granules for manufacturing the Non Woven Fabric. Our suppliers are well known and assured first source of Polypropylene like OPAL, RIL, IOCL and GAIL. We are one of the well known suppliers of Health and Hygiene products and always welcome any test by the MCI.

All machines are automatic & imported and can cater any modern day requirement and application of PP Non Woven Fabric. There is negligible human intervention and thus every product comes with the promised quality of Vishal Synthetics.

R & D Center

Custom product and application development is a core strength of Vishal Synthetics. Our unique combination of high-tech facilities, internal resources and process management enable us to engineer customized nonwoven fabrics that consistently exceed expectations.

At Vishal Synthetics research and development are at the core of our strategic focus. Our R& D department is continually improving existing product performance, optimizing manufacturing efficiencies and developing the next generation of nonwoven fabric solutions for tomorrow’s applications.

Vishal Synthetics commitment to advancing the technology and production processes of nonwoven fabrics stems from our dedication to creating long-term solutions for our customers. It's this partnership with our customers that spurs on many of our R&D efforts. Exploring new technology platforms and production techniques and applying them in the product development process gives us the opportunity to create improved product solutions that enable our customers to stay at the forefront of their industries.

Our R&D facility is equipped with the latest advances in extrusion, fiber spinning and web forming technology. Being strategically located in the industrial hub of Gujarat we can dynamically adapt to meet the growing technical demands of industrial and consumer markets

Code of Conduct

At Vishal Synthetics we treat every co-worker as an individual who brings his ability and skill to produce Trust and Reliability and thus he/she treated equally. We treat every buyer equally regardless its organization size or business volume with us and we give equal importance to every order we get.

Everyone at Vishal Synthetics abide by the following Code of Conduct: